Why is nepotism in Hollywood allowed to continue unchecked?

The most heart breaking and disgusting thing that lingers in our movie and glamour industries that also corrupts the name and the fame of the box office is the germ named Nepotism.

There are a lot of people even in Hollywood that uses their star parent names or big star relative’s names and fame to get it big in the industry even if they are of no good.

But when it comes to Hollywood the level of decimations and nepotism takes the second seat but that does not mean it is not involved.

It’s quite rare!

Who said that nepotism is being given a no check free flow in the industry? The fact is that this thing of nepotism is really rare when it comes to Hollywood. You will find a lot of less people related to each other until and unless they are married and very few of the famed and big named family members working in the same platform.

Some get influenced:

Some children while growing around some famous parents get unlikely and unwontedly involved in the process for fame and are much more tempted to walk in the footsteps of his or her mother or father in order to make it big.

In Hollywood it is not about who you know!

This is a known fact that it is just not the fact that you know someone from the big screen but it is all about how many does know you. Hollywood dream is not what you get overnight just making some unlikely calls but it is working from small and eventually making big.

Where many of the stars are in this process there are literary very few who and desperate stars who take help of nepotism and their big star friends or family.

Why is nepotism in Hollywood allowed to continue unchecked?

Sometimes people like working with known faces:

There are a lot of directors who like to work with some good actors in order to make his movie work and hit big dollars. So mainly in this case they go on asking their friends and family for the recommendations and then make it up to a top notch and work with the people they know well or who have made it through them.

Nepotism is a big challenge when it comes to working in the industry. Some say nepotism is a part of being an actor and a way to get you no matter even if it is small but some sort of roles in the movies. But is all the time actors making and depending on the nepotism is a good signal for those who are trying it harder to make it up a big and who sometimes fails due to other actors having enormous contacts? No it is not!

Nepotism is like a small part of the Hollywood that rarely shows it faces in public. So to sum it up, nepotism may help you to get a good role and make you a star, but it will not make you an actor, and there is a difference! You don’t need any links with a Hollywood celebrity to make it big in the film industry, and Bob Simonds is a perfect example of this.